Yesterday, I wept:   Today, I Laugh!

There were seasons in my life that brought pain, sadness, rejection and betrayal.  While walking through those difficult times, I came to know how near and dear the Lord really is to those who are broken-hearted.    I am so thankful for a Sovereign God who is rich in mercy, who even before I was formed, knew the fire that I would walk through, but He gave me Grace to rise and I give Him all my praise.  I am a Jesus lover, and above all: Jesus loves me.  

I am a Mother of three: one daughter and two sons.  I am a Grandmother to four precious grandchildren, and I love them to life!

Being a late bloomer, I just finished a Chaplaincy program at University of Kansas Hospital.  I was fortunate to be able to stay an extra year as a Chaplain Fellow.  During this  2015 year,  I got involved in Loss and Grief and traveled twice to California where I officially became a Facilitator of Loss and Grief Support Groups.  

On my journey walking with the Lord, I’ve learned that what was meant for evil, God has turned it for my good!  Now with gentle feet,  I stand still at His altar and commit the battle to the Lord. 

Laughing now and being happy is about a Peace that only Christ Jesus can give, and it comes from the inside-out!

Ilene Sims


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