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If you haven’t started using Essential Oils, you are definitely missing out on what natural oils can do for you.  Plus the great thing about using essential oils is that there are no additional side effects.   When using traditional medicines you are exposed to developing additional issues in order to stop one ailment.

Often after a busy day at work or traveling, I will rub Lavender on the bottom of my feet.  O What a relief!  Also, I have made a spray bottle of Lavender to spray on the bedding.  It makes for a restful night of sleep.

Try essentials oils and I know your body will love you for it.  What are you waiting for?

Essential oils are extracted from plants to give you the concentrated properties of that plant. This will include the fragrance/aromatherapy and the medicinal or cleaning properties. They can be purchased locally at health food stores, which is by far the most reliable location, and you can smell them there before you buy, or you can go to (Rocky Mountain and give them a try. They do provide high quality therapeutic grade oils.

Essential Oils

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